October 9, 2018

Measure C: The Choice is Yours!

The Utility Users Tax (UUT) will “sunset” in 2020.  Measure C will remove the “sunset “clause.
The UUT is an essential source of revenue for the city and we support the UUT. 
Measure C modifies the original UTT because it removes the “sunset” clause. To include a “sunset” date, the citizens of Pinole will have to initiate a referendum.
Measure C and the UUT are two different issues. 
Pinole voters have always supported UUT because it had a “sunset” clause that required the vote of the people to extend it.  
Pinole voters will have to determine if Measure C, without a “sunset” clause is in the best financial interest for our City and take into consideration the following:
1.      Lack of a sunset clause, this is a “forever tax” that does not expire (this was not on the original UTT);
2.      Lack of involvement of Pinole citizens in the decision making process;
3.      Lack of transparency which has kept the City of Pinole in the same fiscal crisis for well over 10 years;
4.      Inability of the current Council to diversify and increase revenue streams.

We have chosen to remain neutral on Measure C because we have not received the data from the City to determine if this is the best course for sustaining the financial health of our city.
Whether you support or oppose Measure C, we have pledged to listen and engage the citizens of Pinole, and its stakeholders in policy decisions that affect the livelihood and quality of life in our City.  

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