I have been a proud resident of Pinole for 15 years. My wife is a second generation "Pinolean" and we both love this great city. Pinole is our home and I have a vested interest in it and improving it. We want what all families want, the best possible quality of life for our families.

I own and operate a construction management firm, we oversee million-dollar contracts with various governmental agencies. I have worked with public entities for almost 15 years. My experience includes budget management and project planning. I teach these skills to other professionals. I will use my wealth of experience and knowledge to help address the concerns and needs of Pinole and all of its citizensd.

I have been endorsed by:

1. Professional Firefighters Association Local 1230
2. Pinole Police Employees Association.
3. Central Labor Council of Contra Costa County
4. Plumbers and Steamfitters Local Union 159
5. California Democratic Party
6. Democratic Party of Contra Costa
7. Young Democrats
8. Pinole for Fair Government

MY Priorities 

  •  We need to audit and
    re-evaluate our budget to address the need  for more police, fire protection and community services. 
  • Our Library needs to be opened more than 24 hours per week.
  • We need to increase our revenue, and  bring jobs to Pinole.
  • We need to attract new businesses to Pinole.

Public Safety,

Budget Allocation, and

Community Services

Government Accountability

The People of Pinole

  • I will be accessible and respond to your needs.
  • I will represent everyone in Pinole.
  •  I want to unify the city and end years of division.
  • Please STAND UNITED behind Vincent Salimi to make Pinole a better place.




Email: Vincent@VincentSalimi.com

October 26, 2018:


The politics in Pinole's campaigns tend to follow a certain pattern. This election is certainly no different. We have learned to expect personal attacks, the use/abuse of the Council Chambers, hit piece mailers and the cooperation of the East Bay Times.
There are six candidates. Three are supported by the "old guard". Those candidates are, Norma Martinez-Rubin, Tim Banuelos and Maureen Toms.
Three candidates comprise the "new guard", they are Rafael Menis, Vincent Salimi and Anthony Tave.
Banuelos, Martinez-Rubin and Toms have been running independent campaigns. But they now have joined forces to try and derail the Salimi/Tave campaign train. They have printed a mailer that will likely be in your mailbox very soon. This comes as no surprise. We've seen this show before.
The mailer offers nothing new.
It simply copies and pastes the East Bay Times biased Editorial and regurgitates the recall.
Enough already!
I am proud to present to you:
A message of unification, a message of hope and the reason why two dynamic, refreshing, positive, energetic, Intelligent and enthusiastic candidates, Vincent Salimi and Anthony Tave, will win.
Look for this flier/mailer on your doorstep or in your mailbox.
And please, share this message with all your friends and neighbors.
Ivette Ricco
P.O. Box 1
Pinole, Ca. 954564
FPPC ID# 1404981



The Honorable Vincent Salimi

Mayor of the City of Pinole, CA

  •  Voters re-affirmed term limits and want Councilmembers that bring fresh ideas, accountability and more community input